2A12 aluminum extrusion channel stock supplier

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2A12 aluminum extrusion channel are by-products usually for structural purposes. It is possible to distinguish three types of profiles according to their use: construction, architectural and industrial.

extruded aluminum frame 2A12 offers high bending and torsional stiffness despite their low net weight. Solar panel frames, structures for working platforms and scenarios, etc.

Industrial purposes: 2A12 aluminum extrusion channel Distributor are used to several purposes where is not too important his stiffness or quality surface, but a combination of both along with other characteristics of the material, such as conductivity, provides a wide variety of uses in industry to this by-product.

Model number Temper Cross-sectional Area(mm2) Wall Thickness(mm) Dimensions(mm)
2A12 H112 or F 0.2-150 1-100 10-320
T4 0.2-150 1-100 10-320
O 0.2-150 1-100 10-320

Brand Name

Fujian Xiangxin

Place of Origin



Max Diameter 2000mm ; Min Diameter 200mm




Max Diameter 2000mm ; Min Diameter 200mm


Aluminum/ Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6, 5083, 7075, etc

Model Number

aluminum forging


Durable, Firm structure etc


Industrial, Aviation etc



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