Aluminium Extruded Tube / Pipe

Fujian Xiangxin provides all kinds of aluminum extrusion tubes, and provides high-quality aluminum tubes with leading technology in the industry according to high-performance standards and strict tolerance requirements.

Product Details

Aluminium Extruded Tube/Pipe Introduction

Aluminum extrusion tube is formed by hot extrusion. The method is to put the heated aluminum billet into the extruder, and the extruder pushes the aluminum billet with fluidity to extrude through the forming opening in the mold. According to extrusion method, aluminum tube can be divided into ordinary extruded tube and seamless aluminum tube.

Fujian Xiangxin can provide aluminum extrusion tube products with different alloys and different specifications according to the user’s demand, and the product performance is 5% – 10% higher than the standard.

Specification of Aluminium Extrusion Tube/Pipe

ProductAlloyTemperOuter Diameter(mm) Wall Thickness (mm)Length(mm)
Round tubes6063 6061 6060 6005
6082 6105 6351
O, F, H112, T4, T5 or T66-3200.5-351000-6000
2024 2A12 2011 2007 2017H112, T4 or T66-3200.5-351000-6000
4032 5083 5383F or H1126-3200.5-351000-6000
7075 7055F,H112, T5 or T62.5-3200.5-351000-6000
Square tubes6063 6061 6060 6005
6082 6105 6351
O, F, H112, T4, T5 or T610~140*10~1401-101000-6000
2024 2A12 2011 2007 2017H112, T4 or T610~140*10~1401-101000-6000
4032 5083 5383F or H11210~140*10~1401-101000-6000
7075 7055F,H112, T5 or T610~140*10~1401-101000-6000

Above are our regular alloys, if you have demand on other alloys , we will provide customized services.


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