Aluminium Drawn Tube/Bar

Cold drawing is a kind of processing technology of materials. For metal materials, cold drawing refers to drawing at room temperature in order to achieve a certain shape and certain mechanical properties. Compared with hot forming, cold drawn products have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

High precision drawn aluminum tube, also known as aluminum cold drawn tube, is often used in precision equipment, aerospace, automobile, refrigeration system and other industrial fields due to its high tolerance level.

Products Category of Aluminium Drawn Tubes/Bar

Round Aluminum Drawing Tube
Round Aluminum Drawing Tube
Drawn Flat Oval Tube
Drawn Flat/Oval Tube
Aluminum Drawn Bars
Aluminum Drawn Bars
Fujian Xiangxin provides cold drawn aluminium tubes and rods of various alloys and specifications. We use advanced drawing equipment and mature extrusion and drawing technology to provide customers with better quality and higher performance products.

Main Features of Drawing Tube / Bar

  • High precision and small tolerance
  • Good surface finish
  • Low weight
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Easy to shape and bend
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