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Aluminium tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, which is extruded from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy to hollow metal tube along its longitudinal length, with uniform wall thickness and cross-section, which is widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, mechanical and electrical, home furnishing and other industries.
Fujian Xiangxin can provide customized aluminum tubes of various alloys, grades, shapes and sizes to suit almost all applications.

Aluminium Drawn Tube
Aluminium Drawn Tube
Seamless Aluminium Tube
Aluminium Extruded Tube
Aluminium Drawn Tube
Seamless Aluminium Tube

Production Process


Characteristics and Application of Aluminum Tube

  1. Aluminum tube has light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance, which is widely used in various welding structure products.
  2. Dense oxide layer is easy to form on the surface of aluminum alloy, which can protect the properties of materials and ensure good surface quality.
  3. Aluminum tubes are widely used in electronic and power transmission fields due to their excellent heat transfer and conductivity.
  4. Aluminum tubes are easy to form and bend, widely used in mechanical equipment, construction industry.
  5. It has good recycling value.

Our Advantages

Fujian Xiangxin focuses on aluminium research and development, and has set up a technology research and development center and a Metal Research Institute.
We cooperate with famous academic institutions and universities, such as Harbin Institute of technology, Beijing University of technology, Central South University, Institute of physical structure of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou University, ninth Institute of Aerospace Science and technology, and Russian Institute of aeronautical materials.
Our researchers and academic partners are involved in the business and technology development of aluminum products processing and production. We develop and design solutions to improve the performance of aluminium both technically and economically.

Complete industrial chain, high product quality and traceability: quality is the foundation of Xiangxin’s development. Fujian Xiangxin has a professional quality team, and each batch of products must be strictly inspected by the quality team before delivery. We are equipped with advanced inspection equipment to avoid any defects of the products. From raw materials to casting to extrusion products, we guarantee the traceability of the whole process control.

  • Customized aluminum tube service: all kinds of alloy, various specifications of customized aluminum tube to meet your needs. OEM and ODM services can be provided.
  • Low cost: lean production, advanced production line and sufficient capacity help us reduce production costs.
  • On time delivery: according to the delivery date of customers, Fujian Xiangxin makes production plan ahead of time and tracks in real time to ensure on-time delivery.

No matter what your needs, we will provide you with specific high-quality aluminum tube products. Contact us now for more information about our aluminum tubes.

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