Aluminium Billet Supplier

As a kind of aluminum products, aluminium billet can be used as raw material of aluminium extrusion or forging. The production process of aluminium billet includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal, etc. Finally, it is cooled and cast into various specifications of round billet through deep well casting system.

Aluminium Billet Introduction

The aluminium billet provided by Fujian Xiangxin is remelting billet, which is made by reheating and melting aluminum ingot and related metals according to a certain proportion. The common added metal elements include copper, manganese, silicon, magnesium and zinc. According to the different chemical composition, aluminium billet can be divided into eight categories.

Fujian Xiangxin has professional technical personnel, advanced melting and casting equipments, and the ability to develop all kinds of alloys. We can customize the aluminium billet according to the special requirements of customers.


Product Details

All kinds of aluminum billets with diameter of 90-580, 1xxx series – 7xxx series can be provided in homogeneous or heterogeneous state. Conventional alloys are as follows:
1xxx series aluminium billet1050、1060、1070
2xxx series aluminium billet2024、2A12、2011、2017、2007
4xxx series aluminium billet4032、AHS-2
5xxx series aluminium billet5083、5383、5A05、5A06
6xxx series aluminium billet6063、6061、6060、6005、6082、6105、6351
7xxx series aluminium billet7075、7050、7055

Our Advantages:

  • We have more than 20 years experience in aluminum production and sales.
  • We have advanced casting equipments and experienced technicians.
  • We manage and operate the factory in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard.
  • The aluminium billets can be customized according to American Standard, European standard, Japanese standard and other special requirements of customers.

The main features of our aluminium billet

  • High metallurgical quality
  • High purity
  • Good surface quality
  • Grain refinement
  • It can be extruded and forged well
  • Stable and uniform performance

Aluminium Billet Production Process

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