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Aluminium bars are formed by hot extrusion process, and through a series of heat treatments to achieve the required temper and performance.According to the shape, aluminium bars can be divided into round bars, square bars, hexagonal bars, flat bars, etc.

Fujian Xiangxin provides standard and customized aluminum bars of various alloys and tempers.

Product Detail

Aluminium Bar & Rod Parameter

AlloyTemperRound Bars(mm)Square Bars(mm)Hexagonal Bars(mm)Flat Bar L x W(mm)
6063 6061 6060 6005
6082 6105 6351
O, F, H112, T4, T5 or T6Φ10-3006*6-100*1006-1003.0-115*10-400
1050、1060、1070H112, T4 or T6Φ10-3006*6-100*1006-1003.0-115*10-400
4032 5083 5383F or H112Φ10-3006*6-100*1006-1003.0-115*10-400
4032 5083 5383F,H112, T5 or T6Φ10-3006*6-100*1006-1003.0-115*10-400
Aluminium Bar & Rod Production Process
aluminium bar Production Process
Superior aluminum bars

1. 4XXX Series Alloy – 4032, AHS, AHS-2

4XXX series alloy has many advantages, such as good fluidity, high specific strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and good castability. It is an important lightweight material for automobile and rail transit industries and has been widely used.

However, the increase of coarse primary silicon and eutectic silicon in the alloy greatly affects the mechanical properties of the product. Fujian Xiangxin has successfully produced 4032, ASH, AHS-2 series of high silicon aluminum alloy products by using different modification processes for products with different silicon content. There are no primary silicon, crack, porosity and intermetallic compound defects in the aluminum extrusion bar, and the microstructure and properties of the material are uniform and stable.

2. 7XXX Series Alloy——7075、7055

7XXX series alloy is a heat treatment alloy, belongs to super hard aluminum alloy, has good wear resistance, widely used in aerospace and national defense and other fields.

Fujian Xiangxin provides the first-class special aluminum alloy products in the industry. We have been committed to the research and development and production of special aluminum alloy for many years. We adopt advanced extrusion and heat treatment equipments and special aging treatment technology to ensure that the material has high strength and excellent comprehensive performance.

3. 6XXX Al-Mg-Si Alloy——6061、6082、6063

As the most widely used alloy, 6xxx series Al Mg Si alloy has characters of corrosion resistance, high oxidation performance, easy coloring and easy processing.

Fujian Xiangxin adopts special chemical composition and processing technology to control the coarse crystal ring of aluminum rods in a very low range, which ensures that the surface color of the product after oxidation is uniform and bright, and there is no white spot and other defects.

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